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The latest restoration solutions offer you comfort and confidence.

Dental Implants are artificial tooth replacements and are used in cases of tooth loss or compromised teeth. Dental implant technology is very sophisticated today and Dr. Kawulok has the extensive training and expertise to take full advantage of the procedure that would be best for you. You’ll find today’s implants are as beautiful and functional as they are durable.
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Crowns If you have a severely cracked tooth, a tooth with excessive decay or a damaged existing crown, a new crown may be the best solution for you. The crown encases the compromised tooth with material that has been custom-made to match your original tooth.
Single-visit Crowns You may be a candidate for single-visit crown, which involves tooth preparation, imaging, creation of the crown and placement, all in the same visit. This leading-edge and proven technology takes advantage of the latest materials and processes. And, you don’t have to go home with a temporary tooth and return at a later date for placement.

Bridges, like implants and partial dentures, are used to replace missing teeth. Missing teeth can hurt the appearance of your smile, but less known is the fact that they can also alter the function of your jaw and bite. And in some cases, can cause an increased risk of periodontal disease and a greater chance for tooth decay. Permanent and removable bridges are custom-designed in many ways to fit your particular need.

Dentures today are much more natural looking and comfortable than they were in your grandparent’s day. The materials and the molding techniques have significantly advanced the art and the science of creating dentures. Dr. Kawulok would gladly meet with you and discuss whether dentures might be a good solution for your continued oral health.