Dental Pain can be derived from the teeth, gums, joints or muscles. When you have Dental Pain it can be difficult to concentrate, and control. Sometimes the pain is chronic, and debilitating. At Whole Family Dentistry we have advanced methods for assisting you with your pain.

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Diagnosing Dental Pain
Diagnosing Dental Pain. Whole Family Dentistry has many advanced methods for diagnosing your pain. Beyond the usual exam and x-ray, we have access to advanced technology to take 3D photos, radiographs, and Infra-Red mapping. In addition, if your pain or migraines are related to your jaw joints, muscles, posture or airway, and they often are, we can read your muscles and record your jaw tracking with our BioPak motion and muscle analyzer and T-Scan bite analyzer. We also provide a very comprehensive examination to lead to a proper diagnosis, and often treat patients successfully who had previously visited other dentists and specialists without resolution.
Emergency Care
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How is Dental Pain Treated?

Tooth pain is usually treated with desensitizing agents, restorative tooth colored fillings, crowns, and occasionally a root canal procedure. Gum pain is treated with appropriate gum therapy combined with advanced low level pain free lasers and follow up homecare. For more information on treating TMD and jaw joint disorders, including sore muscles, migraines, Sleep Apnea, ringing in your ears, and poor posture, visit our TMJ/TMD page. There you will find how we diagnose and through the use of orthotics, orthodontics, restorative dentistry, MLS Laser, and myofunctional exercises we can help you out of pain.

Is Dental Pain Treatment Expensive?

What is living pain free worth? You may well be surprised at the reasonable costs of treatment to alleviate Dental Pain. Convenient payment plans are available as well. You need not suffer, come to Whole Family Dentistry today and start the path to being pain free.

Why Should I Come to Whole Family Dentistry for Dental Pain?

Dr. Kawulok and Dr. Kent are amongst the top 1% of Dentists when it comes to our training and experience, combined with the best of advanced technologies, to diagnose and treat your dental pain. We regularly get referrals for Dental Pain Treatment from Dental specialists and Physicians alike. You can trust in our care.



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