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Very professional & first class … excellent service & well managed practice
Excellent team work and cooperation. Repaired a crown and replaced another. Work done quickly and professionally. Always happy to see Dr Ted and his team.
Everyone here is absolutely wonderful. Thank you guys!
Wonderful front office, assistants and dentists. My dental emergency was handled to perfection with great professional care and empathy.
Excellence from EVERYONE at Whole Family Dentistry! From the friendly front desk staff to the high quality patient care of Dr. Kent and her assistant Lia. Thank you!
The entire staff at Whole Family Dentistry are wonderful. Dr. Kawulok is an excellent dentist.
Excellence with Shelly! She is thorough and nice.
Dr. Kawulok and his staff are warm, caring individuals, that make dental issues a pleasant experience❗️
I have been a patient of Dr Kawulok's for 40 years. He is the Absolute Best Dentist besides being a wonderful person. He is a perfectionist. I have had major dental issues and he has always taken good care of me. I have never had any kind of a problem with any dental work that he had done. His staff is very knowledgeable, friendly and caring. I wouldn't go to any other Dentist ever.
I see Dr. Kent for TMJ treatment. She is also ways great and does an exceptional job of explaining what is going on with my jaw, and how the treatments will help. TMJ is very frustrating and painful, however I'm thankful for a specialist like Dr. Kent.
Our family has gotten dental services from Whole Family over 20 years. Ted and his staff are amazing. Everything from a cavity fill to an implant. We highly recommend this dental office!
From the minute you walk in the door, everyone in that office is so kind and welcoming. The space is almost spa like. Dr. Kent is so knowledgeable and able to explain things to a lay person like me. I wish I had found them sooner!!
Whole Family Dentistry is by far the best dentist office I’ve ever known. Great friendly people and cutting-edge in every way.
I am always treated like family. The dental care is very good and very professional. I have been a patient for over 20 years. Shelly is very experienced hygenist.
With the retirement of Dr Carolyn Kupka, I was referred to Whole Family Dentistry. I am grateful for the exceptional care and joyful attention I receive there.There are personable dentists and there are talented dentists. Doctors Kent and Kawulok are both. My complicated schedule is easily accommodated and the support team is ever welcoming. Well done!
Very through, and even gave background info of the WHY's for each step during the cleaning. Very helpful, and informative.
I have been a patient of Dr Ted Kawulok for 25 years and have never had a bad experience. Today, I was treated to an experienced Hygienist whom was new to me. Excellent cleaning and evaluation.
I have experienced great Dentistry all of my life! Whole family dentistry with Dr. KAWULOK and his entire team is most beautiful and incredibly artistic friendly & FAIR. I always come out with a smile on my face knowing I have had the finest care possible. Marilyn Indermill
If there is a more professional, higher quality dental office in Boulder County, I would be shocked! Both dentists and hygienists take my comfort and concerns seriously and the cleanings, fillings and crowns I’ve required over the years have been painless and lasted longer than similar procedures at other offices I've experienced in my (now) long life. I can say nothing more than thank you, Whole Family Dentistry!
Dr Kawulok runs a tight ship! The staff is friendly and helpful. I have been going to his office since the late 90’s he has helped me with all things related to tooth and gum issues. I’m certain that his guidance has helped with my dental health!
I’ve been a patient of Dr Kawulok ever since he graduated from dental school in the early 90’s. He’s always met all my expectations and then some.His staff members are professional, knowledgeable, and kind. I’d highly recommend this group from a simple cleaning to a tooth extraction and replacement.
Professional, yet cool and impersonal, insensitive to patient's comfort.
From the time I entered and was greeted by Kaydene, the receptionist, to the time I left and was processed for payment by (I forgot her name), I felt that my teeth and my particulars were foremost in the staff’s minds. And this absolutely includes Janice who performed a masterful periodontal cleaning as well as explained what different aspects of it were. I cannot speak more highly for the staff at Whole Family Dentistry!
Dr. Kawoluk and his staff are fantastic, in addition to being knowledgeable, efficient, and flexible.
We love Dr. Kawulok! We are so grateful to him for helping my 13yr old daughter that had such bad TMJ she could barely open her mouth without having pain. The difference is night and day! I highly recommend Dr. Kawulok and his team at Whole Family Dentistry.
Went in for neck imaging/ scan. Everyone was very nice and helpful. I was also Super late to my appointment and it was No issue.
Ted KAWULOK and his staff are second to none in terms of their professionalism. The dental care is superb - and the efficiency, character and personality of their entire organization is simply extraordinary. A talented and friendly staff that never lets you down. Kudos to this wonderful group of people!
Great office.Very professional and friendly.
Efficient and knowledgeable help with issue
Great care from the moment I walk in the door and am greeted, to the professional care from Dr. Kawoluk and staff while sitting in the dental chair.
Had a great visit to Dr Kawulok today - but that is usually the case!
Whole Family Dentistry was recommended to me by another (retired) local dentist after I complimented her smile, and I am very impressed and happy with my experience. Fortunately I was able to schedule a cleaning and initial consultation all in one appointment. Never have I had such a thorough exam/evaluation and am thankful for all the information and recommendations Dr. Kent and my hygienist Christine provided me with during my appointment. Glad to have found this practice.
I am impressed by the amazing attention and wonderful care I received. From the scheduling of my new patient appointment to the thorough evaluation from Dr. Kawulok my visit was nothing short of exceptional. The team communication, office atmosphere, and Dr. Kawuloks expertise will have me recommending this office to friends and family! Thanks Whole Family!
This was my first visit. Dr Ted spent nearly an hour chatting with me and giving me a very thorough exam. Then the hygienist (Shelley) cleaned my teeth. Very efficient and professional and pain free. Office staff very nice as well. I think this place is a keeper!
This is THE place to be for maintaining your health and beautiful smile! Always welcoming, professional and friendly!
Dr. Kent is a fantastic resource and spends the time to find the right solution. The staff at WFD is always friendly and professional and the facility is clean and modern. I was not excited about going to the dentist during COVID, but their cleaning protocol and their process for keeping everyone safe seems extremely thorough and well thought-out. I was very impressed. Thanks for a great experience WFD!
Always starts with a great welcome from Kaydene followed by a great experience with hygeniest or Dr. Kawulok and Dr. Kent. Whole family dentistry take time to ensure you are well cared for and have all your questions answered.Thank you.
Whole Family Dentistry is the friendliest and best dentist office in the Boulder / Greater Denver Area. From the moment you step in you're greeted by their kind and caring staff. Their attention to detail is a cut above the rest, and everyone seems to possess extensive dental hygiene knowledge. I highly recommend Whole Family Dentistry to anyone needing a checkup.
They are a very caring staff
Most excellent, sincere dental work. Thorough and current with the latest technology. I am grateful that I found Dr. Kent.
Excellent dentist and staff. COVID protocol in full effect. My teeth are literally squeaky clean after my recent check up!
Very friendly, knowledgeable, and accommodating staff.Always a pleasure to see Dr. Kent, never any pain.
Courteous, friendly and personable.. I’ve been using Dr Kawulok for years, for myself and my family and I’m never disappointed!Best office ever !
I went in for a periodic cleaning and dental exam today, my first time in a dentist office since The start of COVID. I was very impressed with the scrupulous attention to safety and protection of both the patient and the staff. Temperature and O2 sat checked and hand washing upon entry, everyone well masked at appropriate times and the office air filtered every 12 minutes. Thanks!
Very good and relatively painless.
Caring staff, always on time. Clean, clean, clean. Very happy with their work.
My dental appointment with Dr Nicole Kent was painless, easy and actually fun! She and her assistant Alix, have a seasoned cooperative working relationship that inspires confidence and trust. A sense of humor is also present which brings lightness to the dental experience! Highly recommend this office!
Everyone is always so friendly at the office: it’s a welcoming place.And I was totally impressed with the protocol.Temperature taken, oxygen intake measured( or maybe that was blood pressure), hand washing, masks. The whole 9 yards!And as always Dr. Ted was detailed in his treatment. He inspires my total trust!Many thanks to all of you.
The best dentist I’ve ever had. Totally trustworthy, completely up-to-date in the field, great staff.
I Love, Love, Love Whole Family Dentistry!! Doctor Kawulok has been my dentist since 1974 and, although I have been thrilled with his work and who he is as a person throughout the decades, it is always good to get feedback from an outside party, which happened when I visited a dentist in Santa Fe when I was living there for just a few years, “Wow, who is your dentist?!? He does such beautiful work!! He’s an artist!It was a great confirmation of what I already knew.If that’s not enough, the support staff is awesome! I received a warm, joyful welcome each time I step into their office and the dental hygienists are kind, magnificently skilled, and wonderful people.I leave their office with pearly white teeth and a big smile on my face and in my heart.I highly recommend Whole Family Dentistry!Sukey
Best.Dentist.Ever. And a wonderful staff. I’d never go anywhere else!
Very friendly reception by Brandi. Excellent care and cleaning by Gigi. Thorough exam by Dr. Ted! Exceeded expectations in all aspects.
Fabulous office, wonderful people!
Wonderful personalized attention. Very knowledgeable and up to date procedures. Congenial welcoming staff.
Christine, the hygienist and Kaydene at the front desk always make me feel welcome and cared for. I used to stress about dental visits and now look forward to talking with these exceptional ladies!!
I give this dental office 10 stars!In every way !They go above and beyond.withnoexceptions.
As always, excellent service and a friendly staff. I highly recommend. I have been a patient for many years. They use the best technology, explain everything they are doing.
Gigi is a great hygienist and everyone in the office is friendly and helpful.
Shortly after leaving Oklahoma for vacation to Colorado I had a filling fall out. I went into Whole Family Dentistry honestly thinking there was no hope of getting this fixed. OMG, they were able and willing to work me in. All the staff were amazing and professional! Dr Kent is truly one of a kind and if it wasn’t 14 hours away she would be my primary dentist! I could not say thank you enough to these fine folks.
Dr. Kawulok and all the professional staff, assistants, colleagues — are just amazing. Superbly professional. Plus superbly caring. The best most expert and precise dental work I have experienced (over several decades ... and in very competitive cities). It is a marvelous practice, calm, expert, and personable.
Excellent thorough cleaning by Judy Ulrich. I will never get by teeth cleaned by anyone else! Everyone in the office is so friendly and helpful. I always enjoy my mornings at the dentist!
Relaxing atmosphere, caring staff and the best Dentist I’ve ever had. I called in with an emergency situation Dr Kawulok quickly realized I had a tooth in trouble. I’m so happy they put me in the schedule today and I am out of pain. Thank you!
After being told by a previous dentist, that all my teeth had to be removed I was referred to Dr Ted and his wonderful office. He had to fit me with a small upper partial , but between he and Judy I have been able to retain all my permanent teeth. They have a wonderful office and great staff! Thank you so much
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A Sincere and Heartfelt Testimonial for Doctor Ted Kawulok and Whole Family Dentistry Staff

I have been seeing Dr. Ted Kawulok for my dental work for more than three decades. I feel incredibly fortunate to have had Dr. Kawulok—a smart, knowledgeable, honorable, kind, and all around stellar human being—as my dental guardian, ensuring that my teeth and bite are properly monitored, cleaned, cared for and beautifully repaired. Dr. Ted Kawulok, Dr. Nicole Kent, and their entire staff are all friendly and highly skilled professionals, who provide excellence in the worlds of dentistry and customer service!

Interestingly, when my husband and I moved from Boulder to Santa Fe, New Mexico for four years (job promotion), I saw a locally recommended dentist for my annual exam. I was struck by this dentist’s initial reaction after he briefly examined my teeth. He stepped back and looked at me intently with keen interest in my answer. “WHO is your dentist?!” I told him and he followed up with, “Well, Dr. Kawulok does excellent work and he is an artist! I’ve never seen such beautiful work!” Unable to get over what he was looking at, he dove back into my mouth with eyes and hands, in a state of admiration and bliss. This professional’s candid reaction was telling and, for the first time, I got a glimpse of Dr. Kawulok’s uniquely skilled excellence. Thereafter, I returned to Boulder to see Dr. Kawulok for my annual exams.

On a final note, I have had migraines for many, many years. Neither my primary doctor nor a handful of neurologists offered any solutions that worked. I scrutinized pollens, overexertion, dehydration, barometric pressure changes, stress, and food allergies as possible migraine triggers. Although an elimination diet reduced my migraines to twice a week, it wasn’t until this past summer that my jaw became unusually tight that I broached the subject with Dr. Kawulok. Based on the wear of my teeth, Dr. Kawulok was confident my migraines were caused by grinding my teeth as I slept. Although I was completely unaware I was doing this, the tension in my neck and jaw became glaringly clear clues. He made a custom night guard appliance for me and the result was miraculous! Overnight, my migraines disappeared! I am beyond thrilled and so grateful to Dr. Kawulok for diagnosing and solving this monumental problem in my life!

For these reasons, I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Ted Kawulok and Whole Family Dentistry’s wonderful staff to anyone and everyone looking for quality dental care.

Sukey Williams